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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit a local Green House home as part of a six-hour workshop concerning the Green House Project. I’m still processing everything I saw and heard, so this is going to be a very short post. However, I do want to say a few things about my first impression.

First, from a caregiver’s perspective, this is well worth exploring. It’s pretty amazing in fact. In essence, what the Green House Project does is create places where a high level of skilled nursing is done in not just a “home-like” environment, but in an actual home. The kind that anyone would recognize as a home and not a “home for elderly” or a “home for the disabled” or any other qualification you could add. Just a home. How this is done and why we would want to do it – again from a caregiver’s perspective – is going to be the main subject of my posts on this blog for the next few months.

Second, the Green House Project is truly revolutionary.  This is not just Wouldn’t-It-Be-Nice talk about “culture change” or “new paradigms” by people with lots of letters next to their names. It is, in fact, “culture changed.” It is both a physical and philosophical transformation in how we approach the entire long-term care process.

Third, on CNA Edge we talk a lot about the significance of the caregiver-resident relationship.  In my last post, I said that what caregivers want more than anything is to “reach” all of the people in their care. While my natural skepticism prohibits me from becoming a full-fledged Green House Project advocate without taking a closer look, as I listened and watched yesterday, the voice in the back of my mind kept saying “They finally figured it out – this is what we’ve been wanting for so long…”

We’ll see. One of the things I’ll be doing in the coming months is seeking out caregivers who have had experience working in Green House homes and getting a better feel for it from the direct care perspective.

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