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Never, in a million years, did I ever think I would say what I’m about to say…I want to talk about The View. Dear God, those words don’t even sound right in my head.    
    To be fair, I’ve never actually SEEN The View. Occasionally, it’s on in the background of one of my resident’s room, but other than that the only thing I knew about it was that Whoopi Goldberg and some other ladies drink coffee and bitch at each other. Not my cup of tea, as far as entertainment goes.
      Suddenly last week, The View was ALL OVER my Facebook feed. Boycott the View. Nurses stand against The View. May The View burn in everlasting torment. I rarely see so many people united over a single cause so naturally I was curious. I did some googling. Apparently, the ladies made some derogatory and dismissive statements about nurses. Or the talent portion of the Miss America contest. Or stethoscopes. I don’t know, but America is UP IN ARMS.
        Now, I come from a family of nurses on my mother’s side. From my Grandmother, who was an army nurse in WWII, and all of her sisters to my aunt who is pediatric nurse practitioner and I have nothing but respect for the good nurses bring to the world. Having said that, I was a bit surprised that the opinion of some semi-famous women on a TV show that no one watches could spark such outrage and unified action…surprised and a smidgen disappointed.
       Look, very few people know what it’s like to have their careers minimized and under appreciated by those who do not understand their work than CNA’s. I have had a nurse tell me that if I wanted better pay then I should have furthered my education and gotten a “real” job. I have also been told by a nurse that as a caregiver, I was the backbone of a broken system and my skills were invaluable. My point is that neither being extolled nor being degraded altered the nature of my work or my reasoning as to why I do what I do. They are just other people’s opinions, however misguided they may be.
         Would it not be better to unify and fight for the REAL injustices rather than some hens on a talk show flapping their gums? This newest outrage will be over in five minutes, as soon as the “next great offense” comes along. I would love to see the nurses of the world unite against unfair wages, long hours or working conditions, or short staffing. Not JUST nurses, either! All of the healers! Let’s just remove the hierarchy and all join together about HMO’s or cuts to the mental health budget, or horribly unreasonable patient ratios. Or the discrepancy of care between the rich and the poor!  Those affect all of us. But all of that would take sustained and concentrated effort. It would be a marathon, not a sprint and it wouldn’t fit very well on a Facebook meme. It would MEAN something, though. It would matter.
     Maybe they will cancel The View and maybe they won’t. Either way, the world will keep on spinning and all of the underlying, deeply rooted problems within the healthcare system will continue to exist. Until those of us who care learn to focus our energies and rally around the causes that matter rather than allow ourselves to be distracted by soundbites, it’s not going to get better. Not for the nurses. Not for the caregivers and certainly not for the patients. But what do I know? I’m only a CNA.

5 thoughts on “The View from Here

  1. jberry99

    KUDOS for saying it like it should be!! What are the REAL issues in NURSING! Certainly not a group of talk show hosts!

    We all need to unite! What do you think would happen if we all worked together and showed the exact same outrage over the things that REALLY matter in healthcare! The conditions most of you are made to work under should be considered criminal and the persons responsible be prosecuted!

    Let’s here some noise demanding appropriate staffing to ensure YOUR human rights and those of the people you care for are respected and restored!!

    Great Job Alice

  2. Anonymous

    True and i am an Stna and we do work hard. Without us and nurses there would be no care for those in the nursing homes or hospitals. Yes some nurses and others degrade the cnas n stnas. We do care for the people and work hard and yes most places work short. We are there to care for those there and they need us and our care. All of our positions are Important! No one is better than anyone regardless of their title. Some people think so but we all should be therr to Care for those who are in the nursing homes and hospitals etc . The only opinions that are important are Gods and the people we care for. If we can make one person who are in these places feel better or loved or laugh and give them comfort we have done our jobs.God sees us and All We Do. Just keep doing whats right and He Will Take Care of the rest! ☺


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