That is the question, part one



It’s the oddest conversation I am not part of.
I mean, I’m just sitting here quietly, chewing my food and watching two other aides fight it out. Neither one of them is backing down and I honestly agree with both of them…which is odd because they cannot agree with one another.
Like so much of the world of long term care, this argument arose over being short staffed.
“We have a responsibility,” A says with conviction. “You see how many open shifts there are this month! I have a responsibility to my residents not to let them suffer and that means picking up shifts when I can. Working over, to make sure they get the quality of care they deserve. If I don’t do it, who will?”
“I have a responsibility,” B says firmly. “I have a responsibility to my residents not to burn myself out. You see how often people quit! I have a responsibility to my residents to make sure I’m here for a long time. That means pacing myself and not working insane hours. If I’m not here for these people down the road, who will be?”

Ah, that is the question. Questions, I should say…although, at their root, both seem to be of a similar flavor to me. But my lunch break is over and I need to get back to the floor.
The questions linger in my head, possible answers swirling around.

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