The Simple Things




How many moments do we waste away worrying? How much time is wiled away as we stew and fret over missed opportunities? How much of our lives do we willingly hand over to resentments and anger and fear?

The people for whom I have cared throughout the years remind me of that in a million ways, both with words and by action. Many of them have survived cataclysmic events that forced them to redefine what exactly it is to live, and yet the sheer joy they derive from the simplest things is truly a sight to behold. It humbles me.

The scent of freshly brewed coffee, the comfort of a familiar routine, a well-timed joke, a large bowl of ice cream, a certain song; the small, simple joys that I so often take for granted transcend those in my care from their current situation to the time “before”. 

They don’t know they’re brave, but I know. I see it. I see it in their strength to live and love and embrace what moments bring them happiness in the face of overwhelming challenges. How could I NOT be changed by such quiet courage? How could I NOT be motivated to embrace my own moments? They inspire me. I’m slowly learning how to get out of my own way. I have a daily reminder to never take the moments for granted and that life is for living and to not waste my time with regrets. That is a hell of a job perk.

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  1. minstrel

    I’m glad your beautiful descriptions of CNA life are being seen by others and appreciated, Alice. (May’s and Yang’s too!)


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