The Magic of the Cinema




I glanced at my client out of the corner of my eye. The lights danced across her face in a myriad of shapes and colors as her eyes widened with delight at non-stop action and shattering explosions that filled the movie screen. I sat back in my chair feeling a very deep sense of satisfaction.

      For two weeks, she had been talking about taking her granddaughter to the movies. Specifically, Independence Day Resurgence. I knew that her granddaughter would be there all day because the three of us had worked it out so they would spend at least one day a week together in the summer. To watch them both eagerly plan and anticipate our weekly “Girl’s Day” has reignited a love for what I do and opened my mind to the joys of private care. It has given me a new angle from which to view it and it has been amazing to see them bond and laugh and grow together over the weeks

       Still, the idea of packing the necessities, preparing for the excursion, transferring my client into her car, loading her wheelchair, leg pegs, seat cushion, back pillow and granddaughter into her Buick driving there and unloading it all again was…well, daunting. Not to mention making sure we find seats and it’s wheelchair accessible and that she would be warm and comfortable as possible…and…and…and.  But this was something she had her heart set on and I was going to give it my best shot.

       The movie started at 3:50. By 2:30, we were done with lunch and meds and I had the car packed and ready. Her husband told me many times over the past two weeks not to get my hopes up. Or hers, for that matter. He didn’t think we would be able to pull off such an adventure. He called it her “flights of fancy.” That only made us more determined.

        Just as we were getting ready to leave, the sky lit up with lightening as a sudden summer storm decided that it was the perfect moment to unleash the fury of the gods. WE WERE NOT TO BE DETERRED! Her granddaughter ran back into the house and grabbed a hat and umbrella, I transferred my client into the car and we were off!

     We made it in time, found our seats and even had time to get snacks. My client hadn’t been to a movie in over ten years. It was loud. The lights were bright and we agreed that the movie was somewhat of a let down and you know what? She loved every single second of it. So did her granddaughter…so did I. The whole day reminded me of a very simple truth: you never know if something is possible if you’re not willing to give it a shot.  She later told me that she felt truly normal for the first time in years because of that trip to an overrated movie. I thought about that for a second and then I replied,

     “But you AREN’T normal. You are extraordinary.” 

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