CNA Edge at the Pioneer Network Conference


Next week, July 31st through August 3rd, the CNA Edge contributors will be in New Orleans attending the 2016 Pioneer Network Conference “Revolutionizing the Culture of Aging.” Alice, May, and Yang will be speaking during the Tuesday morning opening plenary session from 8 to 9:30. We will be sharing excerpts from our new book CNA Edge: Reflections from Year One. Following the presentation, there will be a book signing.

The Pioneer Network was formed in 1997 and is at the forefront of the Long Term Care culture change movement. The organization advocates and facilitates deep system change and calls for a move away from the existing institutional model toward a more humane consumer-driven model that embraces flexibility and self-determination.

The contributors of CNA Edge share the vision and values of the Pioneer Network. While we recognize that elder care in America has come a long way in the last three decades, our experience in the trenches of Long Term Care makes it impossible for us not be in favor of a radically new approach. Too many elders fall through the cracks and are left to wither away due to the current system’s many faults. Too many caregivers fall victim to poor work environments as they are marginalized by an industry that pays lip service to the value of their work, but treats direct care workers as an expendable resource. We are convinced that as a society, we can – and will – do so much better than this.

It is an honor for us to participate in this conference and we are excited about the opportunity to share our work and continue our advocacy for real change in Long Term care.

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2 thoughts on “CNA Edge at the Pioneer Network Conference

  1. Joan

    Thanks for all you do to advance the mission and vision of Pioneer Network and all those who see the opportunity to create a better world for Elders and for those who care for them. See you in New Orleans!

  2. donna

    To CNA Edge, Congratulations on this great honor and great opportunity. Keep speaking for all of us, so that the conference will see the best of who we are and want to be as caregivers.

    To all CNAs who read this blog: PLEASE support what CNA Edge is trying to do. It’s in our interest to be part of this organization.


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