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  1. Sharon Bell

    I work at Blanco villa in San Antonio and for cna week they did not do anything for us or acknowledge us and its sad because we work short and get no thank you we are just not appreciated

  2. Genevievew Gipson

    Do- it-Yourself
    Nursing Assistant’s Week
    June 9-16, 2016 and throughout the year

    Facility not too keen on celebrating?

    You know you are special and your patients appreciate you – and I will always remind you if needed. But sometimes it is nice to get that appreciation from your administration. Although most facilities do participate, for whatever reason, this may not always happen and you need to “Do it Yourself.”

    You provide 90% the hands on care in this country. You are the second largest employee group in the country (#1 is Military). You are the folks who provide hands on daily care to the ill, elderly, frail and disabled citizens of this country. The US Senate even passed a resolution to recognize and honor nursing assistants, home care workers and other hands- on caregivers for NAWeek.

    Here are some tips for Do- it-Yourself NA Week, June 9-16, 2016 and throughout the year:

    1. Contact the NNCNA (cnajeni@aol.com), we will email Service certificates and a copy of the Respect In-service, National NA Pledge you can use for your workers – no cost. Let us know what you are doing or post on Facebook
    2. Talk to your colleagues and go out to lunch or host a pot luck dinner and congratulate each other -make it fun and take photos.
    3. Talk to your ombudsman or Area Agency on Aging about doing an area wide meeting or celebration
    4. Ask your church to honor NAs at a special service – “Blessings of the Hands” is quite nice and done by many churches.
    5. Talk to your Inservice person about doing a special class for “I Choose Respect,” Person Centered Care. Safe Lifting or the new approaches to Alzheimer’s care. Call the newspaper and ask them to do an article about these classes – ask your Adm to be in the picture.
    6. Ask your Adm to talk to the Mayor about signing a Proclamation ( download at no cost on our web site ) for your area or facility – Again ask the newspaper to do a story and photos. (Administrators are usually willing to appear in the newspaper with the Mayor)
    7. Help your patients write thank you notes to their nursing assistants.
    8. Host an Art session and create a collage of photos, activities and ideas for celebrating or about Respect Person Centered Care or safe lifting or about your patient’s histories.
    9. Write a group poem about the important work of the NA – send to NNCNA or post on our Facebook.
    10. Start a scrapbook of special events or colleagues.
    11. Form a committee to talk to the Adm and DON about simple and rewarding things you can do this year and next to recognize NAs and also promote a positive image of the facility to the community.

    Genevieve Gipson RN, MEd RNC. “ I Choose Respect”

    National Network of Career Nursing Assistants
    Career Nurse Assistants Programs,
    3577 Easton Road, Norton, Ohio 44203
    Call – (330) 825 9342 FAX – (330) 825 9378
    Email – cnajeni@aol.com Web http://www.cna-network.org

  3. Barry Barkan

    Hi Bob, Corey and Hannah, thank you for your profoundly moving presentation at the Pioneer Network Conference. Thank you, Bob for the piece you wrote about the closing ritual. I only wish my mother was still alive to have seen it. During the late eighties, nineties and early 2000s, we were privileged to have been creating an empowering community for residents and staff at the Live Oak Living Center in El Sobrante, CA. When the California Legislature was debating whether to raise wages for CNA’s and other low wage employes, the residents sent a letter and a poem to the local newspapers, the governor and the lawmakers. The letter said, “…The governor and the lawmakers are arguing a lot of words that have nothing to do with what’s right and what’s wrong. We hope this poem will add some good sense to the whole discussion.” The poem was called, “Elders for a Wage That’s True” and it was written by the Live Oak Poets Workshop which met weekly and wrote about a wide range of topics ranging from the mourning their friends, celebrating the champions among them and urging the President not to go to war. It indicates the esteem residents had for staff in a home in which residents were empowered.

    We need them to watch over us,
    to make sure everything is all right.
    We rest more peacefully knowing they are there
    any time of day or night.

    They make the beds, they do the laundry,
    they help us bathe and cook our food.
    They scrub the floors, wiping the sweat from their eyes,
    and they are expected to be in a good mood.

    And yet these people who are so important to us
    bring home such a small wage.
    Is that all they deserve for caring for seniors?
    Are we looked down upon because of our age?

    It’s crucial for us and for your future
    that this important bill goes through.
    As your Elders, we ask you urgently
    to vote for a wage that’s true.


    1. Yang Post author

      Thank you Barry! Again, it was such a pleasure meeting you at the conference. “The governor and the lawmakers are arguing a lot of words that have nothing to do with what’s right and what’s wrong.” Wow, that gets right to the heart of the problem, doesn’t it? I’m wondering if it would be okay to repost the poem on our Facebook page?


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